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Today was a very exciting Discovery Cove, Orlando day for me and my beloved god daughter and her parents and sister. Even though we had to wake up earlier than usual everybody seemed to enjoy the idea of visiting Discovery Cove, Orlando to swim with the dolphins and have a close encounter with those wonderful creatures of the sea.

It is curious how much we can learn from dolphins at Discovery Cove, Orlando. They are air breathers designed to live in the sea. Dolphins can hold their breath for up to 12 minutes at a time but very rarely they do it.

The trainer also said that Cindy, our dolphin's name was the star dolphin that saved the day on Stevens Spielberg's movie JAWS 3D and that she is about 50 years old, and let me tell you she looks so young and full of energy. What is the secret?

I think I found out what Cindy's secret is. A very interesting fact our trainer at Discovery Cove, Orlando told us is that dolphins sleep one third of the time and they do so using only half of their brain. thats when it clicked on my mind that dolphins areway smarter than humans the reason being that even though humans only sleeps the same, one thord of the time or eight hours out of 24 human beings appear to be sleeping even when they are awake. Besides they are very playful, have a good diet and the most important they enjoy themselves.